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Healer Coach Curriculum

While each Federation member has the right to set their own spiritual healer license requirements, all members of the Federation agree the following components of the Healer Coach curriculum are required:

  1. Learn about Codex Alimentarius and it's effect on Natural Therapies (Free)
  2. Complete a correspondence course in Professional Practices
  3. Complete a correspondence course in Professional Ethics
  4. Complete a correspondence course in Informed Consent
  5. Complete a Basic Coaching Skills Workshop via telephone conferenceing or webinars

By design, these same courses and workshop also comply with the blueprints for certification by the Natural Therapies Certification Board in all of the modalities they certify (NTCB) and the International Academy of Certified Detoxification Therapists (IACDT). The Federation invites other certification boards to contact us about receiving our endorsement.

Process to become an Accredited Education Organization

Email the Federation indicating interest and with links to your spiritual healing curriculum outline on the Internet or by letter to FSHLB, PO Box 163, Bladwinsville, NY 13027. You can also include any attachments that might help your petition.

Within two weeks the Federationnwill contact you with any questions or concerns and help you through the accreditation process.

Once accredited, you will be granted a license to use the materials on Healer Coach for a modest fee. You also have the option of using the staff services to grade all the assignments and pay your school for facilitating the coaching workshop. (Most of the boards select this second option as being more cost effective. But you can do either.)

Once you're accredited by FSHLB your students will be welcome by any of these boards and receive their license as soon as they complete the other requirements. The staff will assist each student individually with that task if you elect the second option given above.

List of Education Organizations currently accredited by the Federation:

  • Aromatherapy Coach (AC)
  • Bioenergetics 4 U (B4U)
  • Biofeedback Coach (BC)
  • Bioresonancecoach.com (BRC)
  • Blue Sun Energetics (BSU)
  • Empowering Reiki EmpR)
  • Healer Coach (Spiritual Healing) (HC)
  • Health Coach Academy (HCA)
  • Health Coach Council (HCC)
  • Homeopath Coach (HomC)
  • Hypnotism Coach (HypC)
  • Integrity Biofeedback Academy Coach (IBAC)
  • My Reiki Coach (MRC)
  • Natural Therapies Coach (NTC)
  • Naturopath Coach (NC)
  • Neurotherapy Coach (NEU)
  • Nutrition Coach Academy (NCA)
  • Quantum Healing Hands (QHH)
  • Quantum Health Coach (QHC)
  • Raindrop Coach (RDC)
  • Reflexology Coach (RC)
  • Sacred Scalar Institute (SSI)
  • Scalar Coach (SC)
  • Soul Vibrations Coach (SVC)
  • Sound Coach (SCN)
  • Spiritual Healer Professional Learning institute (SHPLI)
  • Stress Management Coach (SMC)
  • Touch of Healing (TH)
  • Wisdom by Nature Coach (WBNC)


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